Second Grade Room 214

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Week of November 20th!

Happy Thanksgiving 214 Families! It was a pleasure to speak with all of you at conferences this past week.

Next week is a short one with just two days!  On Monday we will be going to the preK classroom to test our scientific experiments with our cars.  2nd graders will teach their younger counterparts about a hypothesis and how to collect data. Together they will write the conclusion.  Wish us luck!

We are also lucky to have Charlie’s mom- Ms. Adams-Campbell come to class to teach a lesson about Native Americans, specifically about the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people.  This will tie in nicely with our field trip on Tuesday to the Old Town School of Folk Music for a Pow wow.  Please make sure you turn in a field trip form and $10 for the fee.  As a reminder, Ray does not accept personal checks.  I believe that we will be returning at 12:30 and eat lunch at school.  I would pack a lunch in case we are able to eat at the venue.

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