Second Grade Room 214

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Week of December 4th…

Hi 214 Families!  We are well on our way into second quarter and Ray School is starting a new attendance challenge which means that 2nd grade is working towards having as few tardies and absences as possible for the month of December.

Reading Workshop:  we are continuing our informational reading unit and becoming “experts”  on topics of the books we are reading.  Next week we will will hone in on expert vocabulary, solving tricky words, and main idea and detail.   Please make sure your child is following up with their reading at home and their books seem that they are at their right level.

Writing Workshop:  we started writing our informational books.  Our general theme is forces and motion so each kid is supposed to think about what they know how to do that involves movement- swimming, cooking, soccer.  They will then practice scientific/informational writing to explain and teach about this movement.

Social Studies:  we are continuing our unit on Native Americans and looking at the eastern woodland tribes.

Science:  This week we made our TarPuls from string, wood poles, and paper cups.  Next week we will look at soil samples and figure out how to make our TarPul the most sturdy.



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