Week of June 10th


  • Hopefully we will be holding a farm stand this Friday at Ray.  More details to come!
  • Friday June 14th will be the Ray School Talent Show.  I will continue auditions on Monday and choose the final 3 on Tuesday.
  • All school picnic and movie:  Thursday, June 20th
  • Insect projects were due Friday June 7th.

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We wrapped up nonfiction last week.  This week we will return to fiction and dig deeper as we wrap up the year!

Writing Workshop: we finished our nonfiction books last week.  This week we will return to personal narratives as we end the year.

Math: We will continue learning about equal groups and finish the year by reviewing and preparing for 3rd grade

Science/Social Studies:  we will be working in our garden, learning about pollinators and presenting our beautiful insect projects.

Week of May 28th


  • Snack!  Still running low. If you are able to donate, we would appreciate it!  if you have already, thank you so much!

Reading Workshop:  We will be learning more about biographies and also working on making opinions and supporting our opinions with evidence.

Writing Workshop:  We will be publishing our informational books this week.  Students will be creating illustrations, glossaries, indexes that mimic the mentor texts they have been using. New words to go home Tuesday!

Math:  We will continue on with our 3rd grade lessons from Engage NY, modeling equal groups to understand multiplication and division. We will also continue to review in our centers.  Please practice telling time at home!

Social Studies/Science:  We will begin planning our Ray market.  More news to come!

Week of May 20th


  • Insect projects will be due June 7th.
  • We are in need of snack- if your last name begins with letters A-N please bring in food for 27 students.
  • We are also in need of pencils and Kleenex if anyone is able to donate a box.

What is happening in the classroom…

Reading Workshop:  We will continue our study of informational texts.  Last week we looked at main idea and details.  This week we will

Writing Workshop:  Students are writing informational books about an animal.  Last week we did research and took notes, wrote an introduction, and table of contents.  This week we will begin writing our chapters.  Word Work words will go home Monday.

Math:  We will be reviewing all concepts taught since we finished our everyday math curriculum.  Homework will revolve around subtraction/addition.

Social Studies/Science:  We will finish learning about the Ring of Fire.  We will also be looking at our aquaponics and tending to our garden.


Week of May 13th


Walk-a-thon is this Friday.  If you have not had a chance to donate to your child’s page please consider doing so.  You can find the link on Ray’s website: https://rayschool.dojiggy.com/ng/index.cfm/ba309d4/reg-pages/home

Garden is up and running. If you would be able to help water our garden one day a week, please let me know!

Progress reports go home this Friday.


Reading Workshop:  We are back to nonfiction.  Last week we asked questions and read to find answers.  We also wrote about facts and opinions from our books. This week we will find the main idea and details. 

Writing Workshop:  We wrapped up our poetry unit last week.  This week we will return to informational writing. We will choose a topic and write books practicing all the strategies and nonfiction text features that we learn through our reading.

Math:  We will review for Unit 9 on Monday and then take our Unit 9 test on Tuesday.  Then we review fractions for the rest of the week.

Social Studies/Science: Last week we released our butterflies into the butterfly garden.  This week we will finish learning about the ring of fire, continue studying our silk worms, and observe our aquaponics.

Week of May 6th

Notes and Reminders:
-Walk-a-Thon Please register at http://rayschool.dojiggy.comand begin fundraising.

-We are running low on Kleenex and pencils. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

-If your last name begins with A-M please bring snack for 27 students this month.

-We are looking for one volunteer to help water our garden once a week.  If you are able, we have three watering cans in the classroom and would appreciate your help!

What is happening in class this week 

Readers Workshop:  We will be returning to nonfiction for the next few weeks.  We will be studying biography and reviewing nonfiction features.

Writing Workshop:  We will be wrapping up poetry this week and studying haikus. All kids will have a published poem by Friday. Word work will be sent home Monday.

Math:  We will continue to practice subtraction and begin looking at multiplication.

Science/Social Studies:  We will be finishing our volcanos this week. We will also be studying our silkworms, butterflies, and gardening!   Monday kids will be introduced to aquaponics.

Week of April 29th

It looks like it is going to be a rainy week, but that will be good for our garden. Thank you again to Charis, Jonathan’s mom for all of her help. A note went home for the walk-a-thon last week and you can register on the Ray website.

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop: We will be finishing up our book clubs this week.  We will be focusing on inferences and literary language.

Writing Workshop:  We will continue our poetry study this week adding different examples of literary language into our work.

Math: We will go over units 9.5-9.8 this week.  We will continue to study fractions while we review place value and learn about trade and expand subtraction.

Social Studies/Science:  We will finish our volcanoes on Monday and set them off (weather depending) on Tuesday.  Our butterflies have formed cocoons and are ready to be places into our  butterfly cage.  We are still waiting for our silkworms to hatch!  Students will have a end of unit assessment for our Earth Movements unit.

Week of April 22nd

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a restful spring break and were able to enjoy the weather yesterday.  Please find some pictures posted from the week before we left.  Town halls have resumed on Fridays.  Often the younger grades will be given extra recess outside if they are not in the auditorium. The walk-a-thon will be Friday, May 17th.  You can register on the Ray website.

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We will continue reading in our series book clubs and pay extra special attention to authors craft.

Writing Workshop:  We will be writing poetry all week and incorporating figurative language. We will be using Gwendolyn Brooks book of poetry, Bronzeville, as a mentor text.  Students will get new words this week!

Math:  We will begin our final unit of the year.  Today we will be creating and naming equal parts and for the rest of the week studying fractions.

Science/Social Studies: Our insects arrived!  We will be studying how they grow and adapt to our environment…  We will be watering and weeding our garden and at some point, make volcanos.



April 8th

Happy 4th quarter!  The 4th quarter has officially started… I can’t believe how fast the year has gone.  This week will be report card pick up on Wednesday April 10th.  Please make sure to send home a form with your time preferences and I will do my best to accommodate.

Reading Workshop:  We have been reading The Stories that Julian Tells and analyzing the story structure and characters.  We are connecting this to the work we are doing in our series book clubs.

Writing Workshop:  We have started our poetry unit!  Last week we launched by looking at regular objects through “poets eyes.”

Math:  We will have our Unit 8 review on Monday and our test on our Unit Test on Tuesday.  Thursday and Friday we will review all we have learned so far this year.

Science: We will study how mountains are formed and create a model volcano.

Social Studies:  We will do our first planting this week for our classroom garden!  We will have “seed” day where we analyze the seeds, make a planting strong for accurate measurement, and make mosaics.

Week of March 25th

Weekly Events/Notes:  We will have a Pilot Light Lesson on Thursday, March 29th!  Quarter 3 ends April 3rd.  Spring break will be from 4/15-4/19.

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We will begin series book clubs this week.  By reading books from the same series students are able to dig even deeper into character and share thoughts and ideas about how they handle and solve problems. They will also be able to notice similarities across books and make predictions easily.

Writing Workshop: We are going to wrap up opinion writing this week.  Students were given a topic each day last week and needed to write a thesis statement supported by reasons and evidence.  This week they will choose which one they would like to publish and work on making stronger, longer, and more convincing.   Look out for spelling words!

Math:  We will studying 8.5-8.8 and digging deeper into geometry.  Students are focusing on attributes of polygons: right angles, parallel lines, vertices, sides, and angles.

Social Studies: For Women’s History month, we will learn about the accomplishments of Sonia Sotomayor and Frida Khalo.

Science:  Last week we learned about ocean floor spreading and mid ocean rides along the Pacific and Nazca plates.  This week we will learn about subduction.

Week of March 8th

Weekly Events: Tuesday March 19th, 5:30 PTO Meeting- Pilot Light Taco Dinner following the meeting!

What is happening in the classroom…

Reading Workshop:  We will begin goal oriented book clubs as we continue to delve into point of view, character traits, and morals.

Writing Workshop:  Opinion writing is our continued genre of writing.  Last week we wrapped up our opinion writing on African American heroes, and also wrote a thank you note expressing our opinions about the Du Sable Museum.  New word work words to go home Monday!

Math:  We will begin Unit 8 this week and study geometry.

Social Studies: As we learn about more heroic women, this week we learn about Harriet Tubman

Science: We will continue our study of plate tectonics and look at how different plates move past each other.  This will lead us to understanding how earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes occur.

Week of March 11th

Hi Room 215 Families!  The week there is a book event on Tuesday the 14th- See PTO email.  Next Tuesday the 19th is Family Cooking Night with Pilot Light at 5:00.

Reading Workshop: We are reading the book Too Many Tamales as a anchor text.  We will study the moral/lesson of the story and then apply that to our own books.

Writing Workshop:  We will continue to publish our essays about people who influenced us from black history month.  We will put a strong focus on evidence.

Math: On Monday and Tuesday we will make line plots with our classroom data.  On Wednesday we will review for Chapter 7 and take the Unit 7 test on Friday.

Science: This week we will look at how plates move.  They will observe a model of the Earth’s crust moving as one solid piece along the mantle.

Social Studies:  We will continue our unit on Women’s History month.  We will learn about Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman.


Week of March 4th

Happy Monday 215 Families!  You should find a field trip form in your child’s folder. We will be going to the DuSable Museum this Friday.  This week we will be studying the legacy of Margaret Burroughs and then observing her work at the museum.

On Wednesday I will be at the 3rd CPS Summit.  Ms. Newsom will be with the students.

What is happening this week… 

Reading Workshop: This week will continue learning about how character points of view can change throughout a story.

Writing Workshop:  We will write opinion essays about a person learned about through Black History Month.  They will write a claim and support it with different pieces of evidence.

Math: On Monday they will measure and estimate yards. Throughout the week they will generate data through measurements.

Social Studies:  We will be learning about the legacy of Margaret Burroughs!

Science:  We will continue to study continental adrift.