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Please note the following work/resources for students to do during closure. I have posted a CPS resource packet on DOJO as well in the stories section.

Each child that was present, or had materials given to them on Monday, received a bag of books.  Make sure your child reads for a hour a day.

*A bag of books that they need to read by the time they return
*Post its for them to write the following prompts and put in their reading notebooks:
– character traits
– character point of view ” _______ point of view is _______”
– challenges and response to challenge ” The challenge _________ faced was __________. They responded by _____________”
– predictions “I predict ….”
– inferences “I infer…”

They will also bring home a packet of reading passages with questions and 4 scholastic news articles. For Math they will have a differentiated math packet and a general ELA/Math homework packet.

I am going to send the link from Network 9 for additional enrichment activities and a couple of links from our gym teacher to stay active. You can sign up for Go Noodle as well if you want the kids to do some dance videos, yoga, or meditation. They love doing it in class.

That is it for now. I would highly recommend keeping a consistent schedule each “school” day. Reading time, math time, art time, screen time, building time, active time. That is what I plan to do with my kids at home at least…

Stay healthy. Hopefully we all are back together in 2 weeks!

Ms. Sweeney

Here are links for more enrichment. I will also be sharing a district resource packet as a PDF.

Network 9 Resources:

PE link:

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