School Closure Resources

Hi 215 Families- I will keep posting resources here on my blog… I hope everyone is doing well as our first day comes to a close.

As a reminder each student should be reading for 1 hour a day.

Passwords to Moby Max and RAZ Kids were sent home on Monday- if you were unable to access please let me know.

  • I posted a PDF packet in stories on DOJO- this is a 2nd Grade CPS resource.
  • Students who were present on Monday received packets with work- I would suggest doing a page a day of each reading, math, and homework.
  • Students write each day.  We were working on opinion writing before we left.   They can write an entry about something they like or dislike and why it is the best or worst. We were working on introductions, reasons, and conclusions. Possible subject areas could be video games, books, movies, tv shows, super hero super power, graphic novel, game, dessert, sport…. ” In my opinion… is the best … because…”
  • In math we just began unit 8 about geometric attributes- parallel lines, right angles, sides, vertices, angles. Double digit subtraction and addition was from last unit with an emphasis on estimation.  Moby Max should be personalized more or less to their level.
  • Here is a resource for science: I try to do a mystery science video/activity once every 2 weeks and the kids like it a lot. We were currently learning about states of matter… we were going to begin physical vs. chemical changes

Below are resources that I posted on DOJO yesterday and some new ones too!

  • Physical Activity

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