March 2nd

  Weekly Newsletter March 2nd – 6th

Notes for Families

  • Field Trip will be March 6th!  Make sure to arrive on time to school as we will be leaving at the start of school.  
  • Snack – Students with the last name starting with M-Z, please bring in snack for the month of March.  Please bring enough for 21 students.  We have nut allergies in the class so please bring a snack without nuts/peanuts.

What is happening in class….

Math- We will return to measuring this week by discussing yards and meters.  We will also learn about armspan and enter data into different types of graphs.   

Reading –   We will continue to infer character feelings, track characters’ actions, thoughts, and words across a story.  We will focus specifically this week on predicting characters’ actions based on character traits and past behaviors.  Students will practice retelling major events in a story.  

Writing – We will continue our opinion writings.  Students will write a review about their favorite food and restaurant. 

Social Studies –  We will merge our Black History Month unit with Womens History month.  We left off the week learning about Ida B Wells. We will continue to learn about her contributions to Chicago and beyond. 

Science –  We will continue the Solids and Liquids Unit with more investigations on changing states of matter.  We will also discuss attributes of solids and liquids.  

Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math  Homelink 7.5 7.6  Homelink 7.7 Homelink 7.8 Homelink NO homework 
Reading & Reading Log Read for 20 minutes and fill our reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes


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