Week of December 9th

Weekly Newsletter December 9-13th

Notes for Families

  • Field Trips!   On 12/13 we will be going to the Hyde Park School of Dance.  The ticket is $9 for students and chaperones as well.  No need to bring a disposable lunch because we will be coming back to school for lunch.  Dress warmly though because we are walking the two blocks to HPSD and it is supposed to be cold. 
  • Family Night 12/18 from 4-6!  The theme will be the Twas’ the Week Before Winter Break
  • Snack –  Students with the last name starting with A-L, please bring in snack for the month of December.  Please bring enough for 22 students. We have nut allergies in the class so please bring a snack without nuts/peanuts.
  • Progress Reports will go home this week.
  • We are still collecting lunch forms!  
  •  The last week before winter break we will be doing some STEM activities with marshmallows. We need a few bags of both small and large marshmallows and would appreciate a donation if possible.  We also will be doing activities with tissue paper. If you have some to spare we would appreciate that too! ________________________________________________________________________

What is happening in class….

Math- We will begin Unit 4.  This week we will be practicing telling time.  It is very helpful for students to practice at home with this skill- ask what time is it in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30…

Reading –  We will keep learning about text features in nonfiction and learning key vocabulary. We are comparing different nonfiction books on the same topic to see how they compare and differ and how we can add to our adding knowledge. 

Writing – We will continue our informational writing unit with science writing.  We will create a new experiment to test and write about. 

Social Studies –  We will research different regions of the United States and learn about how natural resources played into different Native American  groups way of life. We were able to learn a lot about the Northwest and southwest coast at the Field Museum.  

Science –  We will make flip books of the Earth showing how continents have moved over time. 

Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math  4.1 Homelink 4.2  Homelink 4.3 4.4 No HW
Reading & Reading Log Read for 20 minutes and fill our reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes

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