Week of December 2nd

Notes for Families

  • Field Trips!  This Friday (12/6) we are finally going to the Field Museum.  Please make sure to send your child with a disposable lunch.  On 12/13 we will be going to the Hyde Park School of Dance.  The ticket is $9 for chaperones as well. 
  • Family Night 12/18 from 4-6!  The theme will be the Night Before Winter Break!
  • Snack –  Students with the last name starting with A-L, please bring in snack for the month of December.  Please bring enough for 22 students. We have nut allergies in the class so please bring a snack without nuts/peanuts.
  • We are still collecting lunch forms!  
  •  The last week before winter break we will be doing some STEM activities with marshmallows. We need a few bags of both small and large marshmallows and would appreciate a donation if possible.  We also will be doing activities with tissue paper. If you have some to spare we would appreciate that too! 


What is happening in class….

Math- We will finish up Unit 3 this week.  We will learn more strategies for subtraction and then review on Thursday and have the Unit 3 test Friday. 

Reading –  We will keep learning about text features in nonfiction and learning key vocabulary.  We will then practice teaching our classmates about our books using key vocabulary and sounding like “experts.”

Writing – We will continue our informational writing unit with science writing.  We will create a new experiment to test and write about. 

Social Studies –  We will research different regions of the United States and learn about how natural resources played into different Native American  groups way of life.  

Science –  We will look at a map of the world and cut it into pieces to represent the different plates and analyze how scientists discovered they used to be connected. 

Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math  3.9 Homelink 3.10  Homelink 3.11 Review No School
Reading & Reading Log Read for 20 minutes and fill our reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes → Reading log Read for 20 minutes


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