Week of September 23-27

 September 23rd – 27th 

Please turn in Field Trip forms if you have not already!

Volunteer Application:  Please  make sure you have filled out the volunteer application online.  

Field Trip Information: We will be going to the Field Museum on October 31st!

Math- Students will continue reviewing concepts from 1st grade that include using patterns to solve open response problems, writing equivalent names for numbers, place value, building fact fluency with combinations of 10, and introducing their reference book. 

Reading –  We are working on using multiple word solving strategies to solve tricky words. 

Writing -We will continue our writing routines this week with personal narratives. We are studying mentor texts to see what makes strong leads and endings.  We also are revising!

Social Studies – We are studying about what it means to be a citizen and how we can impact out community.  

Science –  We looked at models of hard boiled and discussed how it was similar to layers of the Earth.  We then made a construction paper model of the layers as well.  Next week we will study the oceanic and continental crust. 

If you have any questions, please email me at  emsweeney@cps.edu

Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math  Home Links sheet #1 Math 

Half Sheet


Half Sheet

More Practice with Math Boxes sheet None
Reading & Reading Log Read for 20 minutes → Reading Log Read for 20 minutes → Reading Log Read for 20 minutes → Reading Log Read for 20 minutes → Reading Log Read for 20 minutes

Math:  Turn in Math Practice in take home folder each day 

Reading Log:  Please make sure your child reads each night and dill out their reading logs!

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