Week of March 4th

Happy Monday 215 Families!  You should find a field trip form in your child’s folder. We will be going to the DuSable Museum this Friday.  This week we will be studying the legacy of Margaret Burroughs and then observing her work at the museum.

On Wednesday I will be at the 3rd CPS Summit.  Ms. Newsom will be with the students.

What is happening this week… 

Reading Workshop: This week will continue learning about how character points of view can change throughout a story.

Writing Workshop:  We will write opinion essays about a person learned about through Black History Month.  They will write a claim and support it with different pieces of evidence.

Math: On Monday they will measure and estimate yards. Throughout the week they will generate data through measurements.

Social Studies:  We will be learning about the legacy of Margaret Burroughs!

Science:  We will continue to study continental adrift.

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