Week of March 25th

Weekly Events/Notes:  We will have a Pilot Light Lesson on Thursday, March 29th!  Quarter 3 ends April 3rd.  Spring break will be from 4/15-4/19.

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We will begin series book clubs this week.  By reading books from the same series students are able to dig even deeper into character and share thoughts and ideas about how they handle and solve problems. They will also be able to notice similarities across books and make predictions easily.

Writing Workshop: We are going to wrap up opinion writing this week.  Students were given a topic each day last week and needed to write a thesis statement supported by reasons and evidence.  This week they will choose which one they would like to publish and work on making stronger, longer, and more convincing.   Look out for spelling words!

Math:  We will studying 8.5-8.8 and digging deeper into geometry.  Students are focusing on attributes of polygons: right angles, parallel lines, vertices, sides, and angles.

Social Studies: For Women’s History month, we will learn about the accomplishments of Sonia Sotomayor and Frida Khalo.

Science:  Last week we learned about ocean floor spreading and mid ocean rides along the Pacific and Nazca plates.  This week we will learn about subduction.

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