Week of March 11th

Hi Room 215 Families!  The week there is a book event on Tuesday the 14th- See PTO email.  Next Tuesday the 19th is Family Cooking Night with Pilot Light at 5:00.

Reading Workshop: We are reading the book Too Many Tamales as a anchor text.  We will study the moral/lesson of the story and then apply that to our own books.

Writing Workshop:  We will continue to publish our essays about people who influenced us from black history month.  We will put a strong focus on evidence.

Math: On Monday and Tuesday we will make line plots with our classroom data.  On Wednesday we will review for Chapter 7 and take the Unit 7 test on Friday.

Science: This week we will look at how plates move.  They will observe a model of the Earth’s crust moving as one solid piece along the mantle.

Social Studies:  We will continue our unit on Women’s History month.  We will learn about Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman.


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