Week of February 25th

Hi Room 215 Families!  Ms. Newsom will be completing her second week of instruction this week. I will gradually resume responsibility for instruction over the following two weeks.  Last week we had a lot of fun with a pilot lesson about bread.  Chef Justin came in with different samples of bread and we studied fractions by looking at how the bread was cut from a whole.

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop: Last week we studied character point of view.  This week we look at contrasting points of view and how a characters can change over time.

Writing Workshop:  We are continuing our opinion writing unit.  Students have been writing letters about their favorite books.  Last week they were introduced to a graphic organizer.  This week students will write opinions about different topics outside of books. Students will also receive new word study words this week.

Math: We are starting Unit 7 this week.  Students will learn about multiples of 10s and play the game Hit the Target.  They will add numbers with 4 or more addends and measure.

Social Studies: We will learn about Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall and compare they influenced change.

Science: We will learn about Pangea. These lessons will build on their investigation of convection currents from last week.  They will observe how the continents slowly moved away from each other by studying a model.

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