Week of February 10th

Happy Monday 215 Families!  This week report cards will go home.  We will also be celebrating Valentines Day.  Children may be bring a treat if they would like.  If they choose to bring a valentine, they must bring one for everyone in the class.  There are 26 students.

We are also in need of a few supplies if you are able to provide:

  • wide ruled lined paper
  • disinfectant wipes
  • pencils

What is happening in class this week...

Reading Workshop:  We are continuing to dig deep into character this week.  We are going to predict characters actions based on inferred character traits and previous actions.  We are going to also study prefixes and suffixes.

Writing Workshop:  We have started a new unit- Opinion writing!  We launched the unit by writing letters to each other about our favorite characters in our books.  New word study words to go home Monday!

Math:  Last week we left off solving two part number stories.  We will continue to delve into number stories and understanding when we need to add or subtract.

Social Studies:  We have launched our unit on Black History month. We will learn about Ruby Bridges this week and how she fought for equal rights for education.

Science: Last week we learned how rocks moved apart from each other through weathering and erosion. We will review those concepts this week through investigations, videos, and a song.

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