January 28th

Hi Room 215 Families-  I hope that you have been able to stay warm in these cold temperatures!  Unfortunately, it seems as though it is going to continue this week.  I will be attending the 3rd CPS Summit on Tuesday the 29th and will not be in class.  Ms. Newsome will be subbing for me.  Students will not

Reading Workshop:  We finished up learning about literary language this past week.  We will continue to look for and study this language throughout the rest of the year.  We discussed that skilled readers identify when an author has used special language and stop and figure out the meaning.

Writing Workshop:  We will continue to work on our Expert Informational books.  Specifically, we will be working on editing our work.  Recognizing when to use punctuation and to use our spelling patterns.  Due to the short week students will not be given word work.

Math:  We will have a math review on Monday for Unit 5.  We will take the unit test on Tuesday.  I expect to start Unit 6 on Wednesday.

Science:  We will take our objects out of our plaster moldings and study how they look like fossils.  We will also study different types of rocks and learn about weathering and erosion.

Social Studies:  We will continue to look at land and water resources.

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