January 22nd

Welcome back after the long weekend.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.  January 31st is Raise the Glass. Please join us at the Promontory!  Tickets are on sale on Ray’s website.  Today is PTO Family Game Night.

Reading Workshop:  This week we will be focusing on literary language. Students will be paying attention to ‘special language’, understanding comparisons, noticing when author’s play with words, and reading like a writer- focusing on special language.  

Writing Workshop: Students will continue to work on their expert informational books.  We will focus on our editing checklist this week and reading over our work through different lenses.  

Math: We will be working through lessons 5-9 to 5-11.  We will be making parts-and total number stories, change number stories, and working with adding multi-digit numbers.  Please continue to work on counting money and telling time at home.

Science:  Last week we made a model of Earth’s crust with modeling clay.  This week we are going to analyze our models and create trenches and ridges.

Social Studies:  We will do Second Step this week and discuss emotion management. We will also look at land and water resources and how that affects community.  


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