Week of January 14th

Hi Room 215 Families! Apologies for the late post. Our blog site changed platform designs and it took a little while to figure it out! In addition we have been out of toner with the copiers so it was a little difficult to communicate last week! Anyways- welcome back to school and Happy 2019! We had a great start to the new year and I am looking forward to some great learning this week.

Reading Workshop:  We wrapped up our informational reading unit last week and will return to a focus on fiction reading- this week specifically focusing on fluency and making sure that all students have enough books to read and are at their specific reading level.

Writing Workshop: All students finished their informational books about Tigers.  They should have started their own “Expert” books this week. Students were asked to think about a topic they know a lot about and enjoy and write about it.  They will be designing the books with the text features like an actual nonfiction book. Students will receive new word work words this week.

Math:  Last week we focused on making change and counting money.  Please continue this at home.  Real world application for money is the best way to learn.  This week we will work with lessons 5.5-5.8.  We will explore arrays and learn strategies to add and subtract larger numbers.

Science:  We have started a new unit!  We will be focusing on Earth Science for the rest of the quarter and into quarter 3.  Last week we used a hard boiled egg as a model for the Earth.  We will continue looking at the different layers of the Earth this week.

Social Studies:  On Monday we will continue to on character education lessons with second step.  Later in the week we will focus on the amazing work and life of Martin Luther King Jr.

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