Week of December 10th

Thank you to Ms. Michals who gave a wonderful presentation for social studies this week!   Thank you also to Mr. Franklin and Ms. Sorkin for volunteering their time to work with small groups.  It will be Family Literacy Night on Tuesday the 11th from 4-5. Hope to see you there!

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We are continuing reading nonfiction texts and becoming experts about the topics we read.  We will look at how we can build our knowledge on a certain topic by reading more than one book and also seeing how those books are different and similar.

Writing Workshop:  We have started our informational books about tigers.  On Friday we created an ABC chart with vocabulary that we included in our books to make sure that we had expert vocabulary.  This week we will edit with student checklists, included text features, and hopefully publish!

Social Studies: We will learn about tribes in the southwest region of the country.  We will study how corn is a vital part of their life and living in drier, warmer climates impacts food and ways of life.

Science:  We will read the Dr. Seuss Book Ooblek and study what a non-newtonian fluid is.  We will then make ooblek and make observations as to what state of matter it falls into- or doesn’t fall into.

Math:  We will continue on with Unit 4 studying place value.  Tomorrow we will check over our open response question with partners and write out our steps.

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