Week of November 5th…

Last week we had a lot of fun eating pan de muerte, making paper picado, and creating calaveras… This week we welcome Quarter 2!  We will be doing some mock elections to understand what is happening on Tuesday and how government affects the communities we live in.  Expect to get a conference sign up sheet for Report Card pickup November 14th.  I will try my best to accommodate everyone.

What else is happening this week…

Reading Workshop:  We will begin our nonfiction unit!  We will start by orienting ourselves to nonfiction texts and “revving up” before we read.

Writing Workshop:  We will also begin our information writing unit.  We will begin by learning about scientific writing and will conduct experiments and write about them using the scientific method.

Math:  We began Unit 3 last week and we there will be a much larger emphasis on subtraction in this unit.  Please continue practicing counting money, telling time, and addition facts!

Social studies:  We will start transitioning into learning about Native Americans.  At the end of November we will study the cocoa plant and how that relates to Native Americans and food.  This week we will also do a project with a “Mystery Box” picture.  I am a member of the TAP program at the Art Institute this year and am excited to implement this program into the classroom.

Science:  We will continue studying chemical and physical changes in different states of matter.

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