Week of November 26th

Welcome back!  I hope all of you ate lots of good food and relaxed.   There is going to be a lot going on this week.  On Thursday we are taking a field trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory. One of the main attractions for this trip is the cocoa tree. We will be studying and making chocolate this week through our Pilot Light lessons. We will also tie this in with our social studies unit about Native Americans.  We will leave from school at 9:30 sharp. If you would like to volunteer please let me know and make sure that you have  been approved through the CPS application process.  I provided a link on my home page.

On Tuesday I will be attending the second CPS Summit as a Lead Teacher Facilitator and will not be at school.  On Friday I will be taking a personal day.  Ms. Newsome will be for both days- 2/3 on Tuesday and full day on Friday.

Students are sharing text features that they found in their information books during partner share


Students are making catapults and measuring the distance that cotton and ping pong balls go in multiple trials

Molecules in solids, liquids, and gases

What else is happening this week in 215!

Reading Workshop:  This week we will work on main idea.  We will use a strategy called “box and bullets” to find the main idea and details in our nonfiction texts.  We will simultaneously continue to look at text features and vocabulary.

Writing Workshop:  We will finish our second lab report this week.  Students made catapults with sporks and a rubber band.  They tested whether a cotton ball or ping pong ball would go farther. We studied force and motion and students are working on writing conclusions that tell their findings, but all include scientific information and questioning.

Math:  This week we will review Unit 3 and have a test on Wednesday.  We will begin Unit 4 on Thursday.

Science:  Last week we studied how molecules are different in solids, liquids, and gases and modeled it with Cheerios.  This week we study chemical and physical changes.

Social Studies: We have begun our unit on Native Americans!  This coming week we will study the Columbian Exchange and learn about cocoa.

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