Week of December 3rd

We had a lot of fun studying chocolate last week!  This week we will dig deeper into our study about Native Americans and are excited to have Ms. Michals teach us about the Ojibwe tribe on Tuesday.

Students are observing and recording observations of the Cocoa Tree

Tuesday December 11th from 4-5 will be family Gingerbread Night for grades PreK-2.  We will do gingerbread activities as well as literacy.

Wednesday December 12th from 5-7 is S.T.E.M Family Night!

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We will continue working on main idea and details with our nonfiction books using the box and bullets strategy.  Understanding the main idea and then the smaller details that support it, help us understand our texts better and further help us become “experts” on the topic.

Writing Workshop:  We are writing our own informational books!  Together we are writing one about Tigers using all we know from reading our own informational books.  We will include text features, key vocabulary, and use the strategy of box and bullets to write chapters.  Due to our busy schedule on Thursday, we did not have time to take the spelling test.  We will continue our words into next week.

Math:  We have begun unit 4 and are delving into telling time. Please work with your child at home to read the clock.  If they are proficient at that, discuss lapsed time.

Science:  This week we will continue with physical and chemical changes and begin to discuss non-newtonian liquids.

Social Studies:  We will study Native American folk tales and how tribes created calendars and told time.


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