Week of October 22nd

We had such a fun week with NOODLES!  We first discussed their origin and then looked at where other types of noodles come from in the world.  Then we looked at where Greektown, Italian Village, Uptown, and Chinatown were on a map from Chicago. The next day we made orrichette pasta from scratch.  We let our pasta dry out and then sent home with some positive results.  The next day we did a taste test of four different types of noodles (orzo, rice noodles, spaghetti, and couscous) and ranked which ones were our favorite.  We bookended our week with the read aloud Everyone Brings Noodles. Below are some pictures of us cooking and from writing workshop doing partner feedback with our narratives.  There is also a flyer for the upcoming dance for middle school and the bottom of the page.

What is happing in class this week! 

Reading Workshop:  We are doing a shared reading of Mercy Watson and working to create strong predictions with evidence.  We created a student friendly rubric where students are able to evaluate their own work and strive to reach 4 stars by including reasons and evidence.  This week we will continue to practice making predictions, looking for lessons in stories, and thinking about author’s purpose, and then will also learn about cause and effect.   Reading Logs are collected and graded on Friday!

Writing Workshop:  We did great work last week adding action and imagery into our narratives. We also discussed what makes a strong lead by reading other 2nd graders work.  Students are doing an awesome job giving feedback to their writing parters and being able to express writing craft moves and describing how you can “show and not tell.”  We will begin to narrow down what writing pieces we want to publish and use our student checklist to see that we have incorporated all of the strategies we have learned.  We will also be given our spelling words on Monday and tested on Friday.  Students are expected to have their words written into categories and 10 sentences in their notebooks by Friday.

Math:  We will have our Unit 2 test this week.  We will continue to work on addition strategies and number sense and do a big day of review before we take the test.

Social Studies: Every Monday we do a Second Step lesson which fits into our social emotional curriculum.  This week we will talk about empathy.  We will continue our conversation around Chicago and community as well.

Science:  We will investigate how liquids move in containers and take shape of what they are in and then move on to solids!

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