Week of October 15th

This week we will have lots of fun with NOODLES!  You will also be getting a permission slip sent home this week- keep an eye out.  Thank you to everyone who has donated snack!  We appreciate it, especially around 2:15:)

This week we will…

Reading Workshop: We will be discussing how fairy tales and folk tales come from different cultures and stories are similar and different.  On Friday we read the traditional Little Red Riding Hood. On Monday we will read Lon PoPo.  We will also discuss all that we have learned so far this quarter and focus on how to write more meaningful predictions and understandings of lessons and authors purpose by including evidence.

Writing Workshop: We are discussing how we can give our writing feeling. While writing we think- “What type of story and I am trying to write?  Is it funny?  Sad?  Beautiful?  Or is it all of those feelings in different parts?”  We are adding in detail to create those feelings.

Math: We will going through lessons 2.6-2.9 this week.  We are focusing on strategies to help us add easier.  Combinations of 10, doubles, near doubles etc.  We are also learning new math games and working in centers to practice our number sense and have fun!

Social Studies: We will be learning about Chicago neighborhoods by studying noodles.  We focus on Greektown, Chinatown, Italian Village, and Little Saigon.  We are also going to make noodles!

Science: We are continuing our science unit on Solids and Liquids.  We also be going to the garden to observe and water our radishes and shrubs we planted!

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