October 7th

Last week we had a great time planting rose bushes and black current bushes in the garden.  This week we will perform in the Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly.  Please make sure that your child wears the color of their flag on the 12th.  They should be able to tell you what country they are representing. If you have any questions please email Señor Walters.

This week we will…

Reading Workshop:  We will continue our Folktale study, reading books from different parts of the world and discussing the characteristics of folktales.  We will also discuss author’s purpose and notice author’s craft in our own independent reading.

Writing Workshop: We are finishing our first draft of our personal narratives and then will start a second one later on in the week.  We look deeper into our mentor texts and study literary language.

Math:  We are doing a lot of work with money and will work on lessons 2.3-2.5 this week.  At home please give your child opportunities to count money for practical application.

Science:  Last week we studied the properties of liquids. We will continue to investigate the differences between different liquids.

Social Studies:  We will continue looking at what makes communities strong and finish our kente cloth patterns that we were painting.  Many of the folktales we have read have come from the Ashanti people in Ghana and we decided it would be fun to look a little deeper into the meaning of kente cloth.


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