Week of September 24th

We had a busy week and have finished NWEA testing. On Friday a permission slip went home for a walking field trip to the 53rd street farmers market.  Please sign and return.  We will also be making food with pilot light on Thursday- if you have not turned in a permission please do so this week.

Reading Workshop:  We worked on strategies to solve tricky words and will continue practicing next week.  As we grow as readers, the words we read become longer and trickier- using multiple strategies at once help us grow.

Writing Workshop: We discussed including detail in our narratives.  We will continue this work this week and find places where we can stretch out small moments.

Math: We will be completing lessons 1.8-1.11 and starting math centers.

Social Studies: We discussed food deserts and how they impact neighborhoods as well as how farmers markets and grocery stores are ways to improve areas without access to healthy food.  We will continue this discussion next week and also make food with Pilot Light on Thursday!

Science: We will begin our unit on solids and liquids this week!

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