Week of September 17th

Hi 215 Families- I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather.  This week I will be sending home permission slips with more details about going to the 53rd st. Farmers Market on Thursday, weather permitting.  As a continuation of our pilot light and social studies lessons, we will look at where food comes from in Chicago, the benefits of farmers markets, and hopefully interview people who work at the stands.  If you would like to come with us, please let me know!

This week we will also be taking the beginning of the year NWEA for Math and Reading, Monday and Thursday.

I have been asked to be a Network 9 Teacher Facilitator which means that I will miss a few days of school attending and giving trainings.  Thankfully, Ms. Newsome is with us this year and a certified substitute so she will be take over the class on some of the days that I am not here.  This Tuesday, I will not be at school as I will attend the first district summit.

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We have been talking and writing about predictions, character traits, and thinking about how books want to be read to practice our fluency.  We have also been pushing our stamina and as a class have independently read for 26 minutes! This week we will delve in to word work and use strategies to figure out tricky words.

Writing Workshop:  We will continue on with our personal narratives.  We have been learning strategies about how to generate ideas for our stories.  We talked about people and places that are meaningful for us and writing small moments.  This week we will talk about objects and practice stretching out small moments over pages.

Math:  We will review our extended response from Monday and continue on with lessons 1.6-1.10.  At home please practice addition facts and giving an opportunity to count change whenever possible.

Social Studies:  We will continue talking about community in terms of our classroom, school, neighborhood, city, county, and world.

Science:  We will hopefully take a trip to the farmers market mid week, check in with our garden, and begin solids and liquids the following week.

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