First Week


We had a great first week in 215!  We spent a lot of time getting to know each other,  building relationships and classroom community. We discussed our class and school virtues to be kind, safe, respectful and responsible and how those should look, feel, and sound.  We launched our reading workshop and Everyday Math curriculum. We also read lots of great books and explored the garden and our garden box in a scavenger hunt. I am looking forward to a really great year with your children
Some of the lessons we will be covering this month…

Readers Workshop: Readers read in longer phrases, solve tricky words, check for comprehension, mark their thinking with a post-it, and practice high frequency words.  

Writers Workshop: Writers generate ideas for personal narratives, study master writers to understand how they make small moments meaningful, write with detail, craft powerful endings and hook readers with a strong introduction.

Social Studies:  We will look at where Room 215 is on the map, analyze different types of communities, discuss what makes a community strong, and study Hyde Park.

Science: We will launch our unit on Solids and Liquids this week.  We begin by inquiring what makes something a solid, liquid or gas. We will also spend lots of time in the garden and begin our Pilot Light Lessons!

Math: We will begin Everyday Math by placing whole numbers on a number line, count tallies and calculate their value, use patterns to solve number stories, compare numbers and find even and odd patterns.

Things to know…

  • Beginning of the year NWEA testing, Tuesday September 18th and 19th
  • Specials this quarter are Spanish and P.E.
  • If you received a note for snack please provide one this month for the class.  There are 26 children. We will switch from A-M, N-Z each month.

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