Second Grade Room 214

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May 7th!

Happy May Room 214 Families!

What is happening in class this week…

Reading Workshop:  We are going to wrap up book clubs this week.  Students have been working in their groups to discuss characters.  This week we will continue to look at characters and they will need to provide evidence to support traits.

Writing Workshop:  In poetry this week we will look at personification and alliteration.  Students will also learn about structure and will study mentor texts by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater and Kristine O’Connell George.

Math: This week we will be going doing lessons 9-5 through 9-8.  We will be reviewing place values,  subtraction, and money.  We will continue to practice fractions as well.

Social Studies:  We will continue to practice map skills .  This past week we looked at North America.  We also had a presentation about Meixco from Ms. Ana who is part of Ava’s family.  Mr. Flynn came in this week to help with Chess!

Science:  We are waiting for our silkworms and praying mantis to hatich

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