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May 29th

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  This week is filled-  On Wednesday and Thursday we will take our final NWEA test.  On Friday students who want to audition for the talent show need to be prepared to perform for me.  Only 3 acts per class are able to go on to the whole school talent show.

In class this week….

Math:  We have been doing a lot of review.  We will continue to review this week but will only have a few days of math due to the NWEA and memorial day.  We have started learning about perimeter and area and capacity.

Reading Workshop:  We have been reading Nonfiction texts and practicing main idea and details with books about plants and insects.  Next week we will look at cause and effect and then return to fiction books again.

Writing Workshop:  This week we wrote haikus!  The syllables were a challenge at first but then everyone got the pattern which was great.  We also worked a lot with personification and alliteration.  On Friday we made posters with examples of literary language.  Next week we will wrap up poetry and return to personal narratives.

Science:  We studied parts of a flower and looked at different types of pollinators.  We checked in with our garden and observed our silkworms that grow so fast!

Social Studies:  Next week we will have a presentation about Iraq and continue practicing chess!



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