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May 14th

It is the ABC 26 day countdown!  Please find it below.   The walkathon is next Friday and we are in the lead!!  Thank you! Please continue the great work of spreading the word!

5/14 A Animal Day (Bring a stuffed animal to school day) or Alma Mater Day (College Gear)
5/15 B Bright Colors & Book Day
5/16 C Crazy Sock  & Camouflage Day
5/17 D Doodle Day (Get a Big Poster and Pass it around so everyone can add a doodle to the poster) Display it outside your door
5/18 E Exercise Day at 9am and 3PM school wide 5 minute exercises
5/21 F Fruit Day (Bring your favorite fruit for lunch)
5/22 G Game Day (Bring and play your favorite board game during lunch/recess time)
5/23 H Hat and Heritage Day
5/24 I Identical Day ( Dress Identical to Another Person)
5/25 J Joke Day (Students-Tell a joke in class  Staff- Stick a funny joke in someone’s mailbox)
5/29 K Kicks Day (Wear your favorite KICKS-gym shoes, sandals, etc)
5/30 L Love day (Show your love with a handshake, hug, note, or with words)
5/31 M Music Day (Music can be played by your teacher at 3:20PM)
6/1 N No you didn’t Day (Wear a unique outfit to school)
6/4 O Opposite Day
6/5 P Pajama Day
6/6 Q Question Day
6/7 R Races at Recess Day
6/8 S Super hero Day
6/11 T Thank you Day (Write thank you notes to room parents, volunteers, retirees)
6/12 U USA Day (Wear red, white and blue)
6/13 V Vice Versa Day
6/14 W Walk Day (Take a walk with your class)
6/15 X X & O Day (Play Tic-tac-toe)
6/18 Y Year End Cleaning Day (Clean Everything! Students take belongings home)
6/19 Z Zoom Out of School Day (Have a wonderful summer break)


What is happening in class this week…

Math:  We will wrap up Unit 9 this week and test on Friday.  Students did an end of the year 2nd grade practice test today so I can see what skills they still need practice with.  We are also doing math facts test for addition/subtraction/and multiplication.

Reading:  We wrapped up our series book clubs.  Next week students will choose one book to a complete a book report on- they will need to think about literary language, the lesson, story elements, and summary.

Writing: This last week we looked at three different poem structures- list, conversation, and story.  We also talked a lot about how to pull a metaphor through a whole poem and how to convey feeling. We hope you like the poems the kids took home on Friday!

Social Studies:  This past week we had an excellent presentation on Egypt.  We played chess with Mr. Flynn and made an “anywhere” garden and discussed the importance of planting in a home and neighborhood.

Science:  Our silk worms hatched!  We learned that they LOVE mulberry leaves.  A bunch of our mealworms changed from the pupa stage to a darkling beetle adult.  We will listened to fantastic presentations about insects from students and gardened!  Next week we will dig deeper into silkworms and plants.


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