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April 9th

Good morning 214 Families- this week a sign up will go home for parent teacher conferences which will be next week Wednesday April 18th.  I will try my best to accommodate everyone’s availability.  Tomorrow we will have a volunteer with us for the morning from Kenwood High School and in the afternoon working with a team of middle school students to film positive hallway procedures to support school-wide PBIS.

Reading Workshop:  We will begin series book clubs!  This will enable to students to dig deeper into characters to identify character traits, make predictions and connections, and understand the author’s writing style and purpose.  We will also be focusing on context clues and prefixes and suffixes.

Writing Workshop:  We are publishing our opinion writing this week (some may go home for extra help) and then starting our unit on poetry.

Science:  We started our unit on plants and insects.  We launched the unit by observing meal worms and creating a habitat with food for our caterpillars.  This week we will work with Big Green Chicago to prep garden beds for planting.

Social Studies:  We will begin our next unit on map skills and geography and also our passport series!

Math:  We have been learning about geometry- thank you for bringing geometrical objects from home!  This week we will dig deep into quadrilaterals and 3 dimensional shapes.   Continued practice with addition and subtraction at home (borrowing and regrouping) is helpful.  We learned several different strategies in class and children were able to use whatever method was best for them.  Students were also given a login for Khan Academy.  If you would like that information for further practice at home, please let me know.

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