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April 23rd

Happy Earth Day Week!  This week the kids will participate in a school wide Earth Day activity.  We will also be discussing how our actions help or harm the environment and what we can do to improve it.

If you have lived or visited a country outside the U.S. and would like to come in and talk about it with the kids for our passport series please let us know!

Walk-a-Thon incentive:  win a $500 mattress
Any student or Ray staff member who is registered at and has begun fundraising by midnight on Friday April 27th will be entered in a raffle to win a Simmons queen mattress set worth $500.  The winning student or staff member can come to our mattress sale on May 6th to try out the mattress set and have it delivered for free to their home! While exercise is important for health, a good night’s sleep is also important – make sure you’re getting quality sleep with a new mattress thanks to Just Get Sleep, our mattress sale fundraising partner!  Register your student(s) for the Walk-a-Thon today.

In class this week we will..

Reading Workshop:  We will be continuing our series book clubs!  We are learning how to discuss and build on each others ideas in book club discussion. Using prompts we are asking questions, sharing opinions, elaborating, and clarifying.   We are also studying our characters- looking how they respond to problems, their relationships to other characters, and noting what is the same across the series.

Writing Workshop:  We will be working on using precise language in our poems.  We will also discuss repetition, mood comparisons (metaphor, simile) and personification.

Math:  We will have our unit 8 math test on Tuesday.  We will review Monday to prepare.  On Wednesday we will begin Unit 9 and start our work with fractions!

Social Studies:  This week will continue studying the globe by learning about Thailand and Russia in our passport series.  We will also keep practicing our map skills and chess!

Science:  Two of our butterflies came out of their cocoons!  We used magnifying glasses to study and write about them on Friday.  We will be observing our meal worms entering the pupa stage this week and begin learning about plants.  Hopefully we will be able to start planting in our garden by Tuesday!

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