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March 5th

Happy March 214 Families!  Please read below to find out what is happening this week.

Reading Workshop:  We will continue our work with inference.  Kids will be focusing in on what action, thought, and words help us infer.   We have been using a rubric to score our post-its 1star to 4star.

Writing Workshop:  We are writing opinion pieces about our favorite read alouds from this year.  Kids are needing to think hard about the strongest reasons and evidence to support their opinion.

Math:  We will complete lessons 7-3 to 7-6 this week.  We will explore customary units of length and measure to the nearest yard, explore the metric system, and add with more than three addends.  In addition groups will continue their own personal math study in their groups (geometry, multiplication, and division).

Social Studies:  We will be starting a unit for Women’s History month- learning about amazing women past and current.  We will be making another Encylopedia and Opinion pieces.

Science:  We will continue to study viscosity in non-newtonian fluids.  We will also study how atoms are different in solid, liquids, and gases.

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