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April 2nd

Happy April 214 Families- welcome back and I hope you had a nice spring break!

This week we will be…

Reading Workshop:


Writing Workshop:  Choosing an opinion writing piece to publish.  We will look at 2/3rd grade examples and go over checklists before writing our final draft.

Math:  We are going to begin unit 8 (there are only two more units before the end of the school year).  We will start the week by learning about lines, angles, and attributes of polygons.

Social Studies:  We will wrap up our unit on Women’s History month when we get back.  This past week we learned about Georgia O’Keefe and how she made large scale abstract drawings of nature- we modeled her large scale paintings of poppies.  When we get back from break we will also start learning chess.

Science:  We finished our unit on matter!  We will begin our new unit on insects this week.  We will also be following a curriculum on gardening simultaneously as we will be learning how to grow vegetables on the north playground.  We also hope to make a butterfly garden on the Northeast playground as well.

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March 19th

Hi 214 families!  There is one more week before spring break.   The time is flying by.

Reading Workshop:  We have started book clubs!  Kids have chosen a goal to work on- fluency, literary language, or keeping track of longer books- and are working on their goals with their club.  Students will read books mostly in class, unless they choose to assign book club reading for home reading.

Writing Workshop–  Kids are doing a great job moving from writing piece to writing piece- building more writing skills as they go on. This week specifically,  we worked on putting exact quotations into our text.

Math–  We finished up Unit 7!  Next week we will review math concepts before spring break and will begin unit 8 in April.

Science–  This week talked about physical and chemical changes in matter.  Next week we will talk about the changing states of matter before we wrap up this unit.

Social Studies– this week we learned about the amazing lives of Helen Keller and Michelle Obama and discussed their contributions.  Next week we will continue to learn about impressive accomplishments of women.

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March 12th

Hi 214 Families!  Progress reports should have gone home on Friday.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Below is a picture of our projects from Black History Month- opinion essays about civil rights leaders we learned about.  Also collages inspired and drawn from William H. Johnson.


What is happening this week…

Reading Workshop-  We will continue working on inference in mini lessons, independent reading and guided reading.  We will also begin to study cause and effect relationships in our stories.  The kids are enjoying making inferences and looking for literary language in our read aloud, The Stories Julian Tells.

Writing Workshop- We are continuing our opinion essays.  Students are working really well independently moving from one essay to another when they are finished.  We will focus especially on topic sentences next week.

Math-  this week we will be measuring jumps and finding the difference between jumps while also calculating class data. We will also explore geometry.

Social Studies-  Last week we learned about two daring aviators- Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman.  We will continue to learn and talk about important contributions women have made!


This week we continued to look at how molecules are different in solids, liquids and gases and made a model with cheerios to show closely or loosely they are connected.  This week we will look at the chemical changes between the states of matter.

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March 5th

Happy March 214 Families!  Please read below to find out what is happening this week.

Reading Workshop:  We will continue our work with inference.  Kids will be focusing in on what action, thought, and words help us infer.   We have been using a rubric to score our post-its 1star to 4star.

Writing Workshop:  We are writing opinion pieces about our favorite read alouds from this year.  Kids are needing to think hard about the strongest reasons and evidence to support their opinion.

Math:  We will complete lessons 7-3 to 7-6 this week.  We will explore customary units of length and measure to the nearest yard, explore the metric system, and add with more than three addends.  In addition groups will continue their own personal math study in their groups (geometry, multiplication, and division).

Social Studies:  We will be starting a unit for Women’s History month- learning about amazing women past and current.  We will be making another Encylopedia and Opinion pieces.

Science:  We will continue to study viscosity in non-newtonian fluids.  We will also study how atoms are different in solid, liquids, and gases.

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