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Week of February 12th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and the kids were able to have some fun in all of the snow.  This week we will have a Valentines Day party on Wednesday.  If your child is bringing in valentines, please make sure they bring one in for everyone.  Also, it is preferred if snacks are a bit on the healthier side… all treats for valentines can head home with the kids at the end of the day!

We will also celebrate the 100th day of school this week and please mark the 21st for a Black History Month Assembly in the evening!

What is happening this week…

Reading Workshop:   Please make sure your child is reading at home for at least 20 minutes and that the book is not too hard.  We have talked a lot about fluency and pacing so kids should be thinking about how there voice sounds when they read it out loud- is it choppy or smooth?  Do they read with emotion when characters speak?  Do they get the mood of the story and does their tone of voice match it?  We also discussed that when we read too fast, we may forget the story.  If we read too slow we might not be able to comprehend everything so it is really important that we are reading at ‘just right’ pace and we can retell what has happened in the story.  This week we will be studying literary elements.

Writing Workshop:  We are working on opinion writing.  We have been writing letters, expressing opinions about our favorite books.  This week we will work on including strong reasons and evidence.  We will also talk about when to make a new paragraph.  Due to missing school on Friday, we will take our spelling test on Friday.

Math:  We are continuing with unit 6!  We have been practicing using different diagrams to model number sentences.

Science:  We will continue our investigation of solids and liquids and how they interact.  Last week we observed how small and large solids function when being put in different canisters and given different movements.

Social Studies:  Last week we learned about the contributions and heroism of Rosa Parks and Thurgood Marshall while making our Civil Rights Encyclopedias.  This week we will learn about Ida B. Wells and John Lewis.

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