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February 26th

Hi 214 Families!  Please find the weeks objectives/plans below!

Reading Workshop: After having a lot of fun finding literary language, we have moved on to learning about inference.  Students are using schema (what they know) + text clues to make inferences about what they are reading.  Students are practicing speaking and writing with the prompt ” I can infer______ because______”. To push themselves and to get 4 star post-its (we will create a rubric this week) they will include ” In the text it says….” and include text evidence.  We will circle back to literary language again- the kids are still finding lots of examples in their texts and having the most fun with onomatopoeia (of course!).

Writing Workshop: The kids wrote fantastic opinion pieces about various Civil Rights Leaders we learned about in Social Studies.  We have returned to writing about our favorite books and will continue learning about opinion writing for the next month.  Students will be challenged to find different ways to support their opinions and gather strong evidence.

They will receive new spelling words on Monday!

Math:  We will have a math review for Unit 6 tomorrow and take the test on Tuesday.  We will begin Unit 7 on Wednesday!

Social Studies:  We will wrap up our unit on the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Leaders this week and will begin our unit on Women’s History Month on Thursday (for march)!

Science:  We had quite the experience making ooblek!  Kids were challenged with trying to figure out what makes something a non-newtonian fluid.  We will discuss it in greater detail this week.

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