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February 20th

Hi 214 Families!  I hope that you have had a nice 3 day weekend.  Wednesday is the Black History Month Assembly- thank you to Betty’s mom Ann for helping us with our art projects!

Please let me know if you have not been added to our class list email chain and we will make sure to get you on there.  We have been sending spelling words in case any child forgets them at school and needs to study ..amongst other news!

What is happening this week…

Reading Workshop– we will continue our study of literary language.  We have been studying poetry by Langston Hughes and analyzing the comparisons in his writing.  Kids have also been looking for examples of literary language in their own books.

Writing Workshop– we have been practicing opinion writing and will be publishing writing pieces this week about civil rights leaders we have studied.  Kids are working on finding evidence that supports their opinion and starting to write in paragraphs.

Math- We have been practicing partial sums addition and will continue studying adding and subtracting with two and three digit numbers.

Social Studies– We will continue our study of civil rights leaders and also art that came from the Harlem Renaissance.  We have been learning how the artists that came from that time period helped inspire the civil rights movement.  Last week kids seemed to be especially interested in learning about Ida B. Wells and learning that she lived right down the street!

Science– last week we made slime with the preK and needed to answer the question- is Slime a liquid or solid?!  Stay tuned for Ooblek and more investigation into non-newtonian fluids!

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