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Week of January 29th…

Hi 214 Families!  This Thursday will be the last day of quarter 2.  February 3rd is a school improvement day, therefore students will have not have school on Friday.

Thank you to the parents who have brought in snack this past month.  We are in need of snack for February. Any healthy, peanut free food will be appreciated.

What is happening this week…

Math:  We will be working on wrapping up the unit this week.  On Monday we will study the temperature and practice reading thermometers.  Please practice this at home, in addition to counting money.

Reading Workshop: Last week we did a shared reading of Happy Like Soccer and studied literary language, pacing, and context clues.  We will continue this work as well as exploring inference.  Students will receive a new reading log on Monday and are expected to turn in on Friday morning.

Writing Worksop:  We made catapults with spoons, rubber bands, rulers, and tape.  We then tested whether a ping pong or a cotton ball would travel farther.  We wrote up our data and created a lab report following the scientific process. Students enjoyed this and did great job.  We have now wrapped up our nonfiction writing unit and are moving on to opinion writing.

Science:  We are going to continue our investigation of liquids on Monday and then will move onto gases the rest of the week.

Social Studies:  We will begin our celebration of black history month on Thursday.  Students will study famous contributions and achievements made by famous African Americans and will do biography projects.

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Week of January 22nd

Hi Room 214 Families-  Please find information about the PTO’s fundraiser below!
Join us for a night out at The Promontory on Thursday February 1, 2018 from 6-8 pm featuring a performance by Bethany Pickens Trio!  Your $40 advance ticket includes beer, wine and light appetizers.
Child care will be provided by Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (HPNC) from 5:45-8:30 pm for $20/child + $10/sibling, including dinner and fun!  Please note that the day following the event, Friday Feb 2, is a non-attendance day for students.
Can’t attend the event but still want to support Ray School, enter our Raise a Glass raffle at:
What is happening this week…
Reading Workshop:  We wrapped our unit on nonfiction and have moved back to fiction!  We are going to work a lot on fluency and making sure that we are comprehending what we are reading- keeping track of the story and thinking about the dialogue of our characters.  We are also going to work on making inferences and study metaphors, similes and other ways authors add details and voice to their writing.  Please make sure your child is filling out their reading log every night.  Everyone should be reading for 20 minutes every night.
Writing Workshop:  Kids should be finishing up publishing their nonfiction stories.  We have returned to science writing and are making catapults.  We are focusing on writing questions, hypothesis, procedure, results, and conclusions.  Spelling Test on Friday!
Math:  Last week we focused on exact change and making change.  This week we will work on 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, and 5.9.
Science:  We continued our investigation of solids.. we made towers out of solid objects and examined what properties made materials work for a base and a top.  We also put solids in categories and found that they share many of the same properties.  This week we are going to investigate liquids.
Social Studies:  We discussed a lot about Martin Luther King Jr. and are discussing what social justice means to our classroom, community and greater world.  This topic will lead us into our next unit study for African American History month.
Spelling Words
Group 1
  1. Families with ck

back sick lock duck neck

sack lick rock suck peck

tack pick sock tuck deck

jack tick dock truck speck

pack kick clock

Group 2
  1. Less Common Long e

greed chief these *

speech field scene vein

greet brief theme friend

creek grief eve seize

fleet    geese piece

cheese thief   niece

Group 3

Open and Closed VCV

meter petal *

human rapid water

secret punish busy

paper magic

lazy shiver

even comet

major river

climate clever

crater proper

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Week of January 16th

Please find a message from administration about arrival and dismissal procedures.

Dear Ray Families:
The purpose of this new plan to reduce heavy hallway traffic as students enter and exit the building. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Start Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

· Pre-K students will enter through the glass annex door.
· Kindergarten will line up outside the auditorium doors.
· First, Second and Fifth Grades will continue to follow the same procedure.
· Third & Fourth Grades will enter through the Main Entrance Door.

· Pre-K students will exit through the glass annex door.
· Kindergarten will be dismissed outside auditorium doors.
· First, Second and Fifth Grades will continue to follow the same procedure.
· Third Grade will exit through the main entrance door and walk to their numbers on the North playground.
· Fourth Grade will be dismissed from the main entrance door.

Thank you Ray Families!


What is happening this week in Room 214

Reading Workshop:  Last week we read multiple books on one topic.  We looked at how we can add on to a topic and also how we could find things that related in texts, even if it was not glaringly obvious.  How can you relate a  section of how lions mark their territories to how they hunt for food.  We will continue this work- building on our partners post-its and also practicing retelling nonfiction text.


Writing Workshop:  We are continuing to publish our expository books.  We are writing through an editing lens and making sure we are remembering our grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Students will receive new spelling words on Monday as well. We will return to scientific writing once we finish with our expository books.

Math:  This week we will cover lessons 5.3-5.6.  We will be working with money and practicing making exact change and also giving change.  Extra practice giving and receiving money at home is very helpful.

Science:  Last week we started our states of matter science unit.  We did an investigation of solid objects and discussed properties. This week we will investigate liquids and gases.


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Week of January 8th!

Welcome back!  I hope all of you had a wonderful break- I sure did.  This week we will spend a lot of time on setting goals, reviewing expectations and talking about what makes a good community member.  We will begin by reading the book The Curious Garden and will reflect on how we have grown in 2nd grade and discuss how we can continue to work and grow together as a class, friend, teammate, student.

We will also…

Math- review center expectations and telling time, measuring, base tens, addition and subtraction facts.  We will review and correct our mid year, Unit 4 assessment and begin Unit 5 mid week.

Writing Workshop- on Monday we will write about our goals for the new year.  For the rest of the week we will continue publishing our informational books.  Students will receive new spelling words on Monday as well.

Reading Workshop- we will review independent reading expectations and dive back into our books.  We will also start tying up our informational reading unit these next couple of weeks.

Social Studies- we are focusing on social emotional skills this week and will work on a super hero art project too. Kids will ask themselves- what make me a super friend, student, classmate, kid?

Science- we will begin our unit on Solids and Liquids!  More to come!

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