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Week of December 18th!

The time is flying! I can not believe that we are already at the last week of the 2017 school year.  This Friday we will be performing in the winter assembly at 9:15 in the auditorium.  Kids will be singing and signing Feliz Navidad.  We are asking that kids come dressed in green, red, white and/or blue with a dark color skirt or pant.

This week…

Reading Workshop– we are moving right on through with our informational reading unit.  We have been talking about speaking the ‘lingo’ of our books and working deeply into our main idea and details.  We also are practicing talking like experts when we are finished reading with our partners.  Please ask your kids at home to teach you something they learned in their nonfiction books!

Writing Workshop– we will be publishing our informational books this week.  Last week we learned about topic sentences, using comparisons, writing introductions to hook our reader in and conclusions.  We will apply what we have learned with text features in independent reading of informational books to the informational books we are writing.

Science– we have wrapped our unit on Land and Water and will be working on some fun STEM winter science activities before break.  We will begin solids and liquids when we get back!

Social Studies– Last week we learned about northwest Native American tribes and this week we will wrap up our unit by studying the southwest!

Math- This week we will be covering 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, and 4.10 and having a cumulative test for units 1-4 on Thursday.  If you know your child will not be here Thursday or Friday please let me know and I will have them take it on Wednesday.

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Week of December 11th…

A lot is happening this week- please see below for spirit day activities.  December 12th is Stem night at Ray from 5:00-6:30.  December 11th and 12th we will be taking the second round of NWEA testing for reading and math.

Winter Spirit Days

December 11-15, 2017

Monday – Crazy Day🌈

Crazy Colorful Clothes 👚👖

Crazy Socks

Crazy Hair🎩

Tuesday – Pajama & Stuff Animal and Movie (3-3:45) Day🎬

Wednesday – Education T-Shirt Day 🎒

Wear any school t-shirt or hoodie

Staff eat lunch with students and share high school and college experiences

Thursday – Ugly/Beautiful Winter❄ Sweater Contest Day (Prizes awarded in class)

Friday – Twin or Jean Day👬


What is happening in 214…

Reading Workshop- we are working on main idea and details and using an organizer called- box and bullets.  We are using nonfiction books about Tigers as our mentor text.

Writing Workshop- we are continuing to work on informational books.  We will focus on how to write a topic sentence and using comparison.  This week kids boxed and bulleted their own writing to see if their writing made sense.

Science- This week we made the tarpul and now we are analyzing what exactly worked and what did not.

Social Studies- We will study the tribes of the Northwest Coast!

Math- due to NWEA testing on Monday we will pick up with Everyday Math on Tuesday.  We will complete an open response problem about base tens.  When at home please practice telling time!

Raz Kids info- to log on to Raz Kids my name is esweeney13.  Your child’s password is Room 214.


Spelling words:

Group 1:  Short u

cut tub bug fun duck

nut rub rug bun luck

hut cub dug run suck

but club jug sun truck

shut hug gun tuck

Group 2: short e/long e

mess head neat

rest dead meal

bell deaf speak

kept breath meat

nest death treat

shell dread sneak

vest bread heat

Group 3: Compound Words

landfill downtown

backyard homework

homeland downstairs

backbone homemade

wasteland lowdown

backpack hometown

landlord downcast

backward homeroom

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Week of December 4th

Hi Families!  Stem night is December 12th from 5:00-6:30.  Please join us!

This week…

Reading Workshop:  we are continuing our unit on informational reading and focusing this week on key vocabulary.  Once finished with our reading we practice talking about our books, using key vocabulary, and sounding like experts on the topic.  In guided reading we are focusing on main idea.

Writing workshop:  we have started our informational books.  Students chose a topic revolving around movement and have written a table of contents and are starting to write their books.  Please talk to them at home about what they are writing about.

Math:  I decided to give the test on Friday after a review in class on Thursday.  We will go over the tests this week and all students have an opportunity to earn more points by correcting their work.  We have begun Unit 4 and are working on telling time.  Please work on that at home- what time will it be in 30 minutes? 45 minutes?  What hand is the hour hand, which is the minute?

Science:  We are finishing up our TarPuls this week!

Social Studies:  We are studying the Woodland tribes…

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Stem Night

STEM Night: 12/12
Come join us for a fun night of Science Technology Engineering and Math on Tuesday, December 12th from 5:00 – 6:30 PM.
There will activities for all ages.
Our school Science Fair judging will be taking place in the cafeteria
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