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Week of October 2nd

Welcome to the 5th week of 2nd grade!  This will be the last week of our specials cycle and progress reports will go out on Friday.  Forms for the Taffy Apple PTO fundraiser went home on Friday.  Order forms are due Friday, October 13th.

This week in 214 we will …

Reading Workshop- continue to practice our word work strategies- figuring out tricky words and determining ways how to solve them in our independent reading books. We will be reading instructional texts in our word study groups and practicing reading strategies.  Students will also get a new set of word work words on Tuesday.

Writing Workshop- we are working hard on our narratives.  We are focusing in on detail- writing about what we feel, see, think, and hear in our stories.

Math- we will be working on the final lessons of Unit 1.  Please talk to students about the value of coins at home- how much is a quarter worth?  If you have 6 nickles, what is the total?

Social Studies- we are comparing urban and rural communities and starting to narrow in on Hyde Park.  What makes Hyde Park a unique community?  What makes you a good citizen?

Science- last week we looked at erosion by studying the act of precipitation on land.  This week we will look at how water effects soil over time and what happens to run off and ground water.

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