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Week of October 30th

We will be leaving for our field trip on Tuesday! Please make sure to dress your child appropriately as it will be in the 40s and we will be outside. For those who are chaperoning I will email you tomorrow with further details.  We are in need of snack- graham crackers, goldfish, pretzels, apples are great options and will be greatly appreciated.  As a reminder, all birthdays are to be celebrated on the last Friday of the month.  Due to school policy, treats should be on the healthier side- fruit roll ups, juice boxes, fruit snacks are good alternatives.

This week…

Writing Workshop- we will publish our 2nd personal narratives this week.  Kids have been doing a great job trying different leads and including dialogue.

Reading Workshop- we are working to include evidence from the text in our predictions.   I predict ______ is going to happen because ____________ is a prompt we use often.  We are also talking about how we can “elaborate” when we talk to our reading partners about our books.

Math- we will finish up unit 2 this week and have a unit test on Thursday.

Social Studies-  we will continue learning about state and local government and also continue on our Dia de Los Muertos art activities- sugar skulls and paper picado.

Science-  Last week we read about geotechnical engineering which leads us into this weeks investigation called “Stick in the mud.”  It will relate to geotechnical engineering and understanding how structures need to be supported in the earth.



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Week of October 23rd

Hi 214 Families!  Please turn in your permission slips for our October 31st field trip.  The cost is $15 and open to all chaperones.  Picture day forms went home last week- let me know if you another form.  October 27th is our school assembly and students will be performing a song with Señor Walters.  Please make sure your child is dressed in red , white and blue.

What is happening this week…

Reading Workshop:  we are going to finish up our unit on realistic fiction and begin informational reading next week. We will continue to work on authors purpose and support our ideas with text evidence.  Students will receive a new set of word work words tomorrow and will be assessed on Friday.

Writers Workshop: Last week we published our personal narratives.  This week we will continue writing narratives but focus on stories connected to people who are important to us- using that as a strategy to generate story ideas and include lots of details.  The kids are really excited about this project.

Math:  We will continue learning and practicing strategies (doubles facts, combination of 10, and turn around facts) for addition.  Monday and Tuesday we will be working on an open response math problem. In class we have been working on explaining our thinking with problem solving. We practice this by partner math talks and writing steps.

Social Studies:  we will be talking about local and national government and the process of voting within a democracy.  Last week we made 3 branches of government models and discussed the difference between each.

Science: We have begun our engineering unit!  We will begin by reading story about a student in Nepal who needs to engineer a bridge for his community.

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Week of October 16th

Happy October Room 214 families- progress reports went home last week and we are mid way through the 1st quarter.  A field trip form was sent home for October 31st field trip.  More information about the trip will be sent home this week.  Students will perform with Señor Walters at the October National Hispanic Heritage Assembly on 10/27. He asks that all students wear red, blue and white that day for their performance.

This week we will…

Reading Workshop- study authors purpose and practice retelling.  We will practice these strategies during our read alouds, guided reading, and independent reading.

Writing Workshop- publishing our final drafts for personal narrative and having a publishing party.  Students have been working hard revising and editing their stories.

Math- we will cover 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7.  Children received a hard copy book for their homelinks today.  I have pulled out the first pages and stapled them together to go home.  This has the table of contents, parent letters you have already received, and a few homelinks the students have already done.  When the students open their homelinks today to rip out 2.4 they will be exactly at that page and more organized.  They can do any the old homelinks I sent home today for extra practice.  Another strategy for practice would be counting money with your child.  Kids need extra practice especially counting quarters.

Social Studies:  We will continue studying government.  Specifically what are the 3 branches and the difference between local, state and national.

Science:  This week we will start working on dams.  We will investigate how to make them the most safe for humans to live.

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October 10th

We are half way through the 1st quarter!  Progress reports will go home Tuesday along with a field trip form.  If you need another Taffy Apple order form please let me know.

What is happening this week…

Reading Workshop:  students will analyze the characteristics of a folk tale and retell the message/lesson from the story. We will also be reading folk tales in guided reading groups practicing the reading strategy of retelling. Students will be given new word work words on Tuesday as well.

Writing Workshop:  Last week we took a few days to practice writing narratives about our Hyde Park walk. Students wrote with detail using their senses while we were in the neighborhood.  They also practiced using comparisons. This week we will pick back up with our own personal narratives and continue studying our mentor authors for writing moves.

Math:  We finished Unit 1 on Friday and will begin Unit 2 on Tuesday.   I will send a family letter home tomorrow explaining what students will be learning in this unit.  It also will give strategies for working with your child at home. This week we will be exploring place value, writing addition number stories, and explore doubles and combinations of 10 to build fact fluency.

Science:  Last week we made streams.  This week we will look at our landforms now that some time has passed to examine weathering and erosion. We will also analyze our water run off samples.

Social Studies:  This week we will study the different branches of government and continue to look at different neighborhoods in Chicago.

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Week of October 2nd

Welcome to the 5th week of 2nd grade!  This will be the last week of our specials cycle and progress reports will go out on Friday.  Forms for the Taffy Apple PTO fundraiser went home on Friday.  Order forms are due Friday, October 13th.

This week in 214 we will …

Reading Workshop- continue to practice our word work strategies- figuring out tricky words and determining ways how to solve them in our independent reading books. We will be reading instructional texts in our word study groups and practicing reading strategies.  Students will also get a new set of word work words on Tuesday.

Writing Workshop- we are working hard on our narratives.  We are focusing in on detail- writing about what we feel, see, think, and hear in our stories.

Math- we will be working on the final lessons of Unit 1.  Please talk to students about the value of coins at home- how much is a quarter worth?  If you have 6 nickles, what is the total?

Social Studies- we are comparing urban and rural communities and starting to narrow in on Hyde Park.  What makes Hyde Park a unique community?  What makes you a good citizen?

Science- last week we looked at erosion by studying the act of precipitation on land.  This week we will look at how water effects soil over time and what happens to run off and ground water.

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