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3rd week!

Happy Monday and welcome back to the 3rd week of school!  We are off to a great start and have launched our science unit, already grown as readers, practiced our strategies with number lines, and stretched out small moments in our writing.

This week…

-In reading workshop we will be using strategies to solve tricky words and also practicing retelling and our new skill- stop and jot.

-writing workshop we will crafting powerful endings and introductions.  We will also continue studying our master texts Owl Moon and the Leaving Morning to learn how to stretch out small moments and include detail.

-Math we will cover lessons 1.4-1.7.

– Social studies we will continue to read Zeely and discuss the differences between urban, rural, and suburban communities.

-Science we will make models of the water cycle by making stream tables with different organic materials to create a model of land and water. We will observe the reaction to land and water when we spray water and use ice packs to alter the landscape.

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